Books (and catalogues) for Everybody

Books For Everybody (BFE) publishes twice-a-year lists of highly recommended titles from independent booksellers. Each spring and fall, BFE offers up a selection of upcoming titles so indie retailers can review, place advance orders, and prepare in-store promotions and sales strategies.

This year, we used CataList to build a handy 2015 BFE catalogue. Take a look and order your copies today!

BNC CataList Hack: Saving catalogues for offline use on your iPad

In this post, we show you how to create offline versions of your catalogues so you can have a backup should you lose that precious wifi connection (or just want to save on data charges).

The Safari browser on your iPad has a built-in Reading List that helps you save webpages for offline access. Here’s how we use it for BNC CataList.

Finding Canadian books, award-winners, and more on CataList

CataList can help librarians quickly find and order Canadian print and digital books, keep on top of titles that are nominated for or win awards, and easily access free e-galleys for upcoming titles. Plus, a free CataList library account also lets you export MARC records from catalogues so that new books are even easier to add to your system. Get all the details on these CataList goodies below…