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SalesData collects weekly point-of-sales data from over 2,000 retail outlets across Canada, covering an estimated 85% of the Canadian trade print book market. It’s much more than a sales tracking tool: Use it to investigate market trends, identify sales opportunities, plan print runs and book orders, and more. Plus, it's engineered to be affordable. 

Who can use SalesData?

There is no public access to SalesData but we do have public resources and handle media requests.

What can everyone see? 

  Publisher Distributor Wholesaler Sales Agent Retailer Indie Retailer Librarian Literary Agent
Market Snapshot
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(Bestseller, Single ISBN, Multiple ISBN,
Market Comparison & Market Share)
Volume & Value Sold for all ISBNs
ISBN Stock Levels & Units On Order            
Stock Levels by Chain/Retailer            
Stock Levels of Own Stores Only            
Number of Stores Reporting            
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*Library Wholesalers have retailer access to sales.

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