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SalesData lets you see what’s happening in the Canadian trade print market, and access is free when you submit your point-of-sale data. You can also quickly check if you’re missing any key titles, in any category.

Plus, when you report your sales to BookNet, they count towards bestseller lists like those published by The Globe & Mail, which helps both authors and publishers. Learn more about bestseller lists powered by BNC SalesData.

As a SalesData subscriber, you'll also get free research on Canadian book buyers. Did you know…

  • 49% of book purchases at independent bookstores are entirely planned and purposeful, whereas consumers who purchase books outside of traditional bookstores (grocery stores, non-book retailers, etc.) are much more impulsive.

  • History readers are very dedicated to print, purchasing almost 90% of their books in this format.

  • 43% of parents currently read sample chapters online prior to purchasing a book, and an additional 18% are interested in doing so in the future.

Sign up for SalesData and we’ll send you a free copy of our annual market research report, The Canadian Book Market, plus an in-depth study of perennial bestsellers (is your store missing any?). Read a short sample of The Canadian Book Market.


CataList retailer accounts are completely free, so sign up now and browse digital catalogues from all your favourite publishers. Check out some of these perks of using CataList:

  • Catalogues are updated as soon as publishers change any information, so you've always got the most current information.

  • Set change notifications to be notified when important information is updated.

  • Search and browse for titles, and create and export orders directly within the system.

  • Create your own custom catalogues, absolutely free.

  • CataList has partnerships with many industry associations, making it easy for you to find curated catalogues such as Books For Everybody, Forest of Reading and other awards catalogues, catalogues of regional titles, and more.


Gather bibliographic data right from the source with BiblioShare. You can also access up-to-date bibliographic data with one of our handy Web Services like the BiblioShare WordPress plugin, which pull covers and title information directly into your website, or the Bookstore Builder Shopify plugin to power your e-commerce website.

Watch a recording of our webinar: How BiblioShare Supports Bookselling

Pubnet EDI

Pubnet EDI streamlines ordering, invoicing, and returns, while improving communication with publishers. Let your computer handle the drudge work of the data entry and data exchange involved with ordering, shipping, and payment processing. You get books faster while saving on operational costs.

After a one-time $50 setup fee, Pubnet EDI is completely free. Plus, you can continue to use your current POS systems. Just set it up once, and you’re done: it works in the background and requires no staff training.

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