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Get the data you need to make better business decisions.

SalesData contains point-of-sale data from over 2,000 retail outlets, capturing 85% of the Canadian trade print book market.

With SalesData, you can…

  • Conduct vital, cost-effective market research and analysis

  • Plan your print runs based on historical data

  • Access valuable supply-chain data like on-hand and on-order numbers

Plus, you’ll also benefit from free monthly market reports, literary awards studies, and more.


Going paperless is painless!

Create digital catalogues effortlessly using your own metadata pulled in from BiblioShare. Records are updated automatically when the metadata is updated, and automatic notifications alert book buyers and media when something’s changed.

With CataList you can...

  • Allow reps and publicists to share notes and custom catalogues to create a more personalized experience for their accounts and contacts.

  • Include multimedia (e.g., interior images and video trailers) in your title listings so all information is in one place.

  • Make sure your adult fiction and non-fiction titles are eligible for Loan Stars.

But what does it cost? There's a low annual subscription fee and then a per-ISBN cost. Discounts are available for publishers who are members of certain organizations (e.g., ACP, etc.). For more information, please sign up below and we'll be in touch with all the specifics. 


Quality-assured metadata spread far and wide.

Create a free BiblioShare account and submit your book metadata using ONIX. Once it's in BiblioShare's vast bibliographic database (over 3 million records and counting!), websites such as 49th Shelf can use it to help promote your titles. And once your data is in BiblioShare, you can create catalogues in CataList.

Need help creating ONIX files? Publishers and distributors can create quality ONIX files with our easy-to-use Webform tool. Records can then be easily exported to BibiloShare with just a few clicks.

Pubnet EDI

The fastest way to do business.

Pubnet EDI streamlines ordering and invoicing, and improves communication with retailers, all for a low, flat-rate annual fee. Publishers can use the POW web interface or use their own systems directly with Pubnet.

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