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The book industry changes at an accelerated pace and keeping up can be straining—but you don’t have to go it alone. BookNet Canada publishes timely and actionable research so that your company is in the know and your staff has the know-how.

Where does our research come from? Our national sales tracking database, SalesData, represents 85% of the English-language trade print book market in Canada. We draw on this current and historical information to create market research reports, examining both annual trends and the impact of specific events (awards, etc.) on sales. We also regularly survey Canadian book buyers and readers to produce a variety of reports on book-buying behaviour and trends. 

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Paid reports

  • The Canadian Book MarketOur annual comprehensive report on the Canadian market. Contains detailed information on over 50 subject categories, including market share, weekly unit sales, average selling price, and top ten hardcover and paperback sellers.
  • NEW! Deep Dive: A series of in-depth studies combining sales trends with consumer research on top-selling genres.

Free reports

Research on the blog

We occasionally publish tidbits of research (and fun infographics) on the BNC Blog.

Reports for SalesData subscribers

SalesData subscribers can access exclusive reports on the impact of awards, perennial bestsellers, backlist trends, market performance, year-over-year analysis, and more. These reports contain confidential information and are restricted to registered SalesData users. You can find the password on the home page. Log in here.