Research from BookNet Canada

The book industry changes at an accelerated pace and keeping up can be straining—but you don’t have to go it alone. BookNet Canada publishes timely and actionable research and develops professional development resources and opportunities so that your company is in the know and your staff has the know-how. Contact for more information about any of our studies, or to learn how we can customize our research for your company.

Our research fits into three areas:

Sales trends

We produce an annual comprehensive guide, The Canadian Book Market, using our national sales tracking software, SalesData. We also produce a number of smaller reports using national sales data.

In addition, SalesData subscribers can log in to view two categories of research reports. General research reports look at the impact of awards, backlist trends, and much more. In our monthly SalesData reports, we show you market performance and year-over-year analysis, and address key trends and fluctuations. These reports contain confidential information and are restricted to registered SalesData users. Log in here.

Consumer research

We regularly survey Canadian book buyers and readers to produce a variety of reports on book-buying behaviour and trends. Studies include The Canadian Book Buyer 2015, a comprehensive study of book buyer behaviour, Listen Up: Audiobook Use in Canada, and more.

Industry trends

We conduct additional research to investigate current issues and trends in the Canadian book industry. For example, in 2013 we began surveying Canadian publishers about their digital publishing programs. We now have several years of data available in The State of Digital Publishing in Canada reports.