New Bestsellers List for Indies

There’s a new bestsellers list in town.

In a joint initiative with the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), we’re excited to announce the launch of the Indie Bestsellers List, which will track the best-selling books sold at independent retailers across Canada. The list will hopefully shine a light on the important role indie booksellers play in the Canadian market.

Perennial Bestsellers: Books That Just Keep on Selling

Backlist is one of the foundations of the publishing industry. Books that sell reliably year after year might not be new and exciting, but they are a sure bet for booksellers’ shelves.

So what are these faithful favourites that show strong and steady sales long after their publication date? Which titles are the most reliable for retailers to keep in stock? That’s the subject of BookNet’s latest study, Perennial Bestsellers: The Most Reliable Books to Stock by Category, 2010–2013