I Went to Boston for a Free Tablet

There were many, many acronyms that were being tossed around at the latest Gilbane Conference. Gilbane is a research and consulting company that looks at the emerging trends in technology and content creation. There is a strong focus on Tool Vendors at this conference, if you’re in the market for a new CMS. Or, if you’re a consultant who needs to know what’s available to manage marketing, content creation, content translation, globalization technologies and social network management, than this is also the conference for you.

Here are some key takeaways from the conference.

#CMPTO Offers 10,000 Points to All Attendees

Over 50 tech printies turned up to hoist a beer to the changing dynamics of the reading world last Wednesday night at our third Code Meet Print event.

Gamification, social reading, and crowdsourcing were the topics of the night. Here’s a recap of how the night played out.

Reading for the Holidays?

BookNet Canada’s November 23 Code Meet Print session looks at the brave frontier of …reading! The session, called Reading Is Social, is timely as we move into the season that everyone in the book industry is pumped for—the holidays! Are people still going to buy that someone special a dead tree copy of that great non-fiction title, or are they thinking about how they can really show they care by getting involved in the latest greatest trends in e-reading? How are they going to decide what to pick up for their Secret Santa exchange? Where will they find out about new books?

Questions like these made us wonder: How is the book industry leveraging game mechanics, crowdsourcing, and social platforms to make reading even more attractive?

Bundle Up: It’s Cold Outside

Put the pumpkins away. It’s time to bring out snow pants and tinsel. As the weather gets colder we’re faced with the daunting task of buying presents for the holidays. Not surprisingly many of us will be giving and receiving e-books or gadgets on which to read them. Now to find the perfect e-books for the readers on your list. Many are planning on sticking to their tradition of gifting award shortlisted books. So why don’t e-book retailers capitalize on that with, for example, a Giller shortlist bundle of e-books? The answer is they can’t.