If You Post It, They Will Click

This post refers to an older version of CataList, some functionality may have changed with more recent improvements.

We’re pleased to offer our CataList catalogue creators free web banners to help your website visitors and mailing list subscribers find their way to your catalogues on CataList.

We work tirelessly to make CataList the ultimate online catalogue tool. We’re constantly adding new features and customizing existing ones to make them work for you. This time around we wanted to help you get people to your catalogues. So we’ve given you banners!

You may already be speaking directly with accounts and contacts about your CataList catalogues, but you can’t get to them all at once. Having strategically placed buttons pointing people to you catalogues helps steer the stragglers in the right direction. If you post these buttons, people will click on them. Then your catalogues will get more views and your books will get more interest.

We’ve created several web banners in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose the size and colour that works best with your current website, blog or e-newsletter. Use them on your homepage for all to see or post them on pages specifically for retailers, librarians and media.

To use the banners, log in to your account and go to the Company Settings. Then click on the Banners tab. You will see thumbnails of all the available banners. Click on one to see the actual size and you will also automatically be provided with the HTML code you need to display the banner on your site, in your e-newsletters or on your blog. The code will send visitors directly to your company’s catalogues.

The banners have been designed as actionable buttons with clear messaging. The landing page has been selected to discourage bounces. By making it so easy for your web surfers to find your catalogues, we hope more sales and publicity leads will be generated.