Quiz: What kind of book buyer are you?

Our eighth and final instalment of our Deep Dive series is now available! The last study takes a look at Historical Fiction book buyers.

In case you're new to the series, let us tell you a little bit about what we've done: we joined together sales and consumer data to bring you an in-depth look at the biggest selling genres in Canada right now. In addition to sales trends for that subject, each study looks at those particular book buyers and outlines:

  • what non-book-related activities they do in a given month and year;
  • how they make their purchasing decisions – impulse purchasers vs. planners;
  • how often they read a given format; and
  • so much more!

Today we're going to introduce you to the Historical Fiction book buyer. You can read a free sample here, but if you want to know everything, you're going to have to buy the full report for $25 or get the whole series of eight reports for just $100. (Pro tip for SalesData subscribers: There are complimentary copies of all the studies available to you in the SalesData Research Portal.) Want to get a copy of The Canadian Book Market 2017 and the full Deep Dive series in one fell swoop (and at a heavy discount)? Take a look at our bundle offer and get your hands on all the data.

Since the Deep Dive reports cover the most popular subjects in Canada, from Sci-fi to Cookbooks and from Romance to Autobiography, we decided to celebrate the completion of the series by using all that data to build a quiz that will tell you what kind of book buyer you are! Ready to learn the (statistically based) truth? Take our quiz now.