Summer 2018 Bundle Offer: The Canadian Book Market 2017 + Deep Dive Genre Studies

Get all the latest data on sales and consumer behaviour in the Canadian book market with our most recent research — The Canadian Book Market 2017 and the Deep Dive genre series — bundled together to save up to $250 off regular pricing.

  • The Canadian Book Market is the most comprehensive guide on sales trends in the Canadian print trade market, updated for 2017 with detailed analysis on more than 50 subject categories including year-over-year comparative data, the top sellers in each category, market-share breakdowns, price-point analysis, performance by publication date, and more.
  • The eight instalments in the Deep Dive genre series combine sales trends and data on consumer behaviour and demographics to create essential guides for the top-selling subject categories in Canada: Biography & Autobiography, Mystery/Detective, Science Fiction, Cookbooks, Romance, Fantasy, History, and Historical Fiction.

Where do we get our data from?

Our national sales tracking database, SalesData, represents 85% of the English-language trade print book market in Canada. We draw on this current and historical information to create market research reports, examining both annual trends and the impact of specific events (awards, etc.) on sales. For our consumer behaviour data, we regularly survey Canadian book buyers to learn about their purchasing decisions, library habits, reading preferences, and more.

Subscribe to SalesData?

Complimentary copies of all the Deep Dive studies are available for SalesData subscribers through the SalesData Research Portal. Subscribers can also get special pricing on copies of The Canadian Book Market.

*Multi-user licenses are required for those who wish to make the reports available for wide use in their organization or library.