Snapchatting: Canadian Book Buyers on Snapchat

Snapchat is a relatively new social media platform; it started in 2011. And it can be somewhat opaque, since it's an entirely mobile, very personal app that's typically used to share content with close friends and family. However, there are a lot of ways to use Snapchat for marketing and advertising purposes, especially if you want to reach a younger audience: 58% of the adult (18 and up) book buyers we surveyed who use Snapchat fall into the 19-29 age category.

If you've been hiding from Snapchat because it's too intimidating, or if you've been considering using the platform but aren't sure how to start, our newest #AmReading report, Canadian Book Buyers on Snapchat, can help. 

In 2017, 26% of Fantasy buyers and 36% of Science Fiction buyers were Snapchat users.

The #AmReading series takes an in-depth look at how Canadian book buyers interact with social media platforms, and each report includes two sections:

  • Using Snapchat to Market Books: background information on the platform, including what it is, how publishers and retailers are engaging with it, and tips and tricks

  • Book Buyers on Snapchat: a detailed analysis of which book buyers are using this platform, the subjects they are purchasing, and how they are making their purchases

Take a look for yourself in this short sample and then purchase the entire thing at If you're a SalesData subscriber, you can find a complimentary copy in the SDA Research Portal.

We've released reports on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram so far and we've got two more instalments in this series to go: one on Pinterest and one on Twitter. Stay tuned to the #AmReading series page or this blog to see when they're published.