A new Marketing Associate: An introduction

Hello BookNet Canada blog readers!

I'm Ainsley Sparkes, the new Marketing Associate here at BookNet, and I'm looking forward to chatting with you about all things book-related, tech-related, book-tech-related, and other just plain cool-related stuff. Look for this great conversation fodder on our @BookNet_CanadaTwitter account, our weekly newsletter, and in this blog!

I come to BookNet via online marketing at Penguin Random House Canada where, not to brag, I was on a winning PubFight team one year. We'll not talk about all the other years where I played but did not win. 

My hobbies include home renovation and Houzz browsing, Netflix watching and, of course, reading. I'm on a true crime kick at the moment, so please try not to sneak up on me because those books scare the bejeezus out of me. When I'm not reading books that make it almost impossible for me to go down to the basement, I enjoy cozy mysteries and good Young Adult novels.

I'm looking forward to joining the BookNet Canada team and learning all there is to know about ONIX and trends in book sales data. I'm particularly excited to be a part of Tech Forum this year and I hope to see most of you there!