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Marketing Digital Content in a Creative Industry

eBOUND Canada recently released a report that examines how digital content is marketed across the creative industries. This guest post from eBOUND’s Elizabeth Barker tackles the question on everyone’s minds: What is the current best practice for marketing digital content?

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PubFight 2014: People's Choice Poll

There’s no rush quite like the one you get from the start of a new PubFight season. The thrill of outbidding everyone for the new hockey memoir, the anticipation of setting your initial print runs, the panicked scramble to reprint when a title on your list becomes a crossover hit and you’re caught with an empty warehouse. 

BookNet’s fantasy publishing league is open to anyone with SalesData access. But if you don’t have SalesData access, or you missed this year’s registration deadline, all is not lost! 

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BookCampTO Is Upon Us

If you’re in Toronto this Saturday, you won’t want to miss BookCamp, the annual publishing “unconference” brought to us by the party people—er, I mean consummate publishing professionals—at CanBPA. BookNet is a proud sponsor of BookCampTO, so I hope to see you there! There are over fifteen sessions to choose from this year, and I know I for one always have a hard time choosing which sessions to attend (though luckily, the unconference setup allows for some session-hopping!). Just in case you’re in the same boat, I asked some of this year’s presenters to dish the dirt on what they’ll be discussing in their coveted speaking slots. Happy BookCamping!

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May I Take Your Order?

CataList users: have we got some good news for you! We’re getting ready to release a new CataList feature that will make selling in your Spring list—and all future lists—that much easier, and we want to give you a preview of what we have on deck for the next season.

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Digital Books and the New Subscription Economy

This month, the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) publishes the results of the industry’s first major research project investigating subscription models of selling digital books. Read on for some of the study’s findings, plus information on getting a copy of the report.

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