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BNC Staff Directory

Joanna Karaplis
Marketing & Communications Manager (on leave)

Tim Middleton
Project Manager & Retailer Liaison
Ext 232

Pamela Millar
Director of Customer Relations
Ext 228

Krista Mitchell
Community Manager (acting)
Ext 235

Tom Richardson
Bibliographic Manager
Ext 223

Lauren Stewart
Office Manager
Ext 222

Neha Thanki
Product Manager
Ext 226

Zalina Alvi
Marketing & Communications Manager (acting)
Ext 225

Mickey Fontana
Financial Administrator
Ext 230

Jackie Fry
Director of Product Development
Ext 227

Noah Genner
President & CEO
Ext 221

Tom Gerrard
Software Engineer
Ext 237

Carol Gordon
CataList Product Manager
Ext 238

Derek Hardinge
Software Developer
Ext 240

Bill Holt
Database Administrator
Ext 229