So long, Prospector, and thanks for all the reports

For those of you who used Prospector's Opportunity Reports, this post is to let you know that the Prospector site will cease to exist on Nov. 25, 2016.

However, do not mourn Prospector. All the functionality and features from Prospector have been redesigned as SalesData's Gap Analysis reports, which also reflect all the benefits of the new SalesData site launched earlier this year, including:

  • faster, improved design;
  • more flexible search criteria;
  • a full list of all available subject codes; and,
  • easier report management.

The new Gap Analysis reports have been available in SalesData for several weeks now. They are:

  • Buying Gaps: This report returns titles which are stocked and sold in the comparison market but not in your store (the home market). This report can check for markets that might be missing out on title sales. This report will replace the view of titles that were "Not in stock or sold" in the Opportunity report.
  • Inventory Performance: This report returns titles sold in the comparison market but not sold in the home market even though they were stocked there. This report can check for under-performing inventory. This report will replace the view of titles that were "In stock not sold" in the Opportunity report.
  • Bestseller Gaps: This report returns bestselling titles in the comparison market and their sales and inventory numbers in the home market. This report will replace the "All" view of titles in the Opportunity report.

Before we shut down Prospector on Nov. 25, we encourage any users to please take a moment and recreate your reports in SalesData. If you aren't sure how to do that, we have instructions on using the new reports here, or you can contact

You can also contact us at to help us to continue to develop these great reports — give us your feedback and let us know your thoughts!