Tips and Tricks for BNC CataList

This post refers to an older version of CataList, some functionality may have changed with more recent improvements.

New catalogues are being added regularly now to BNC CataList, and we’re starting to hear from people about how they are already using the system. If you’re just getting started, here are three quick and easy tips that you can use to direct users to catalogue content, and to start getting the most out of that content on the catalogue pages.

1. Link to any Title Detail page on Catalist using the ISBN.

ISBN-13 is now part of the URL for each book’s detail page. Just replace the ISBN (inred) in the URL below with the ISBN of the book you want to link to:

Use this to automatatically create links to your catalogue pages in CataList. Keep in mind that only ISBNs in catalogues with Published status can be viewed by users outside the original publisher’s own account.

2. Link directly to a publisher’s list of catalogues.

There is an anchor at the Catalogues section of every Publisher Page. You can send users directly to the catalogue list by adding #Catalogues to the end of the Publisher page URL.

For example: will take users to the top of the Random House of Canada company page. takes users past the list of imprints and client publishers, directly to the list of recent catalogues.

3. Share video embed code.

Publishers, if you are adding a book trailer, author interview or other video content to a title detail page, select the checkbox to “Allow users to copy this embed code.”

Add new embed code

Retailers, you can view the video content in CataList, then click on the link to “Get video embed code.”  Copy the code to embed this content on your own website.

Copy embed code

Share more than embed code.

We want to know what works well for you!  Let us know about your tips and tricks for CataList and we’ll share them with other publishers, retailers, sales reps, publicists, wholesalers and all the other industry folks who are just starting to use the system.