Social Marginalia

Want to share your margin notes with other readers? Here’s a round-up of three tools that let you do just that.


“Highlighter is a web application that creates a dynamic relationship between publishers and readers. With Highlighter, readers can share, save, and comment on words, sentences, paragraphs and even images. All of this data is passed back to the publisher in the form of powerful analytics.” Highlighter


“The *openmargin app has a reading environment where the reader focusses on his book and where he highlights passages. When he taps on a passage, he enters the openmargin, where he leaves a note and explores those of others. The conversation that will arise is based on a thematic match. *openmargin is therefore the platform to meet likeminds.” *openmargin


“Readum is a Firefox/Chrome extension that makes books in the Google eBookstore social. It lets you click on any paragraph in a Google Book, attach a note and share it with your Facebook groups and friends.” Readum

I haven’t had time to actually test any of these tools yet, so I don’t have any insight into how well they work. Based on their brief about paragraphs I listed above, though, I’m most interested in Highlighter since it seems to be a tool for both readers and publishers. What do you think? Have you tried out any of these tools yet?