Coach House and ECW Join PubFight Party

Welcome Coach House and ECW! With your arrival, auctions are more than halfway done. In honour of this momentous occasion, we offer the PubFight Half-way Through Pre-season Meaningless Awards presentation. We know it’s an honour just to be nominated…

Biggest Bid for a Single Title

$177,500Simon and Schuster (extenuating circumstances but, frankly, probably still worth it)

Speediest Speed Round You Ever Did See

1 hour for 80 titlesScholastic (whew)

Highest Average Advance

$19,125YPC (some drinks, some fun, some $$)

Best Publishing House Name (So Far)

Gobias IndustriesCoach House/ECW (totally subjective. I know, I knowbut have you not seen Arrested Development?! C’mon!)

YPC Scholastic Simon and Schuster Coach House/ECW
Number of Publishing Houses 8 8 9 7
Length of Auction (hours) 3+ 1 4 3
Average Titles Sold Per Minute 0.4 1.3 (!) 0.4 0.4
Highest Advance (Non-Fiction) $75,000 $70,000 $69,000 $45,000
Highest Advance (Fiction) $50,000 (three way tie) $40,000 (two way tie) $39,500 $57,500
Highest Advance (Juvenile) $65,000 $177,500 $45,000