Auction Update: Simon & Schuster and Scholastic

PubFight auction results from Scholastic and Simon and Schuster are in. Because of the outstanding auctions, we can’t tell you what the names of top titles are yet (I’m sure everyone will have a really hard time guessing just what that top Juvenile title is) but we can tell you the subjects and make you guess.

So without further ado, here are the subjects and the bids of the five books with the highest combined advances. (Every book except the Juvenile title was bid on in all three auctions, while the Juvenile was just on the table in two).

  1. JuvenileFiction ($242,400)
  2. Non-FictionCooking ($200,000)
  3. Non-FictionBiography ($156,500)
  4. Non-FictionSocial Science ($156,000)
  5. Fiction($118,500)

And for all you stats-monsters, here are a few more goodies:

  YPC Scholastic Simon and Schuster
Number of Publishing Houses 8 8 9
Length of Auction (hours) 3+ 1 4
Average Titles Sold Per Minute 0.4 1.3 (!) 0.4
Highest Advance (Non-Fiction) $75,000 $70,000 $69,000
Highest Advance (Fiction) $50,000 (three way tie) $40,000 (two way tie) $39,500
Highest Advance (Juvenile) $65,000 $177,500


Later this week, we’ll throw the Coach House/ECW league stats in the mix and in the first week of August, the mystery of the top titles will be solved. Once all league auctions are complete, we’ll reveal the titles of this year’s most sought books.