PubFight 2008/2009: The First Auction

Take 8 young publishers, laptops of variable battery power, some beverages and a big list of promising fall titles to bid madly for and what have you got? Basically, the Young Publishers of Canada PubFight 2008/2009 Auction.

Though the party happened last week, it’s taken me several days of basking in the glow of the glory of my acquired list before I was ready to share the ups and downs of the first auction of the 2008/2009 season. Fueled by passion for books (and various pub offerings), the YPC members fought hard for the titles coming out this fall in Canada.

The Biggest Advance: $75,000

One non-fiction title (that shall remain nameless until all of the auctions are complete) took the cake for the most frenzied bidding war but the winner of the coveted title was relentless.

The Biggest Steal: $2500

With the rest of the publisher lists (and hearts) full, one big fiction title, coming out in December, was snatched up uncontested by a patient and savvy publisher for her remaining dollars. Which also happened to be the minimum bid.

The Hat Trick Nomination: All the Colours of Darkness by Peter Robinson

So much did one publisher want this title, that it was brought up to auction not once, but three times. It was taken the first time out, of course, but the desire was great enough to blur the past two more times.

Memorable Quotes

“I’m only bidding on it so [insert publishing house name here] doesn’t get it.”

“Who is John Grogan? That name sounds familiar.”

“Wow. I’m going to regret that one.” (uttered more than once over the course of the night)

“HA! That was a steal!” (uttered more than once over the course of the night)