Mobile Web: Moving from the Stone Age (of 2007)

Scott Loganbill of offers his comments on the current state of the mobile web regarding what’s working and what could still use some work.

Loganbill states:

When the iPhone was first released in 2007, the perception of mobile phones was that they existed as just another calculator-type tool, something you used to make phone calls, send text messages and maybe check a few movie times or sports scores.

Vrai ou non? Even if this was true in North America, which frankly I’m a bit skeptical about, it certainly wasn’t true across the globe where content production and interaction with handheld devices most certainly began before Apple bestowed the iPhone upon us.

Loganbill does offer a neat summary of what’s working better for those wishing to roam free of the desktop and what still needs some work.

Winning: quick reference, email, address book, voicemail, maps and access.

Close but no cigars:Getting work done, reading magazines and newspapers (and presumably books) and photos

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