Gaming and Entertainment Currency—DMC

First up, Nintendo. Gaming industry is expanding to market to moms (why are all women over a certain age labeled as ‘moms’? I mean, they might be mothers but they are also a lot of other things. I’m not sure we need to give them just one category since I’m sure they think of themselves as more than only a parent).

Now, 600-Second spot. Media scarcity is dead and it’s changing the marketing landscape…ads can be ignored because consumers have a ton of choice. Fuel Industries has decided entertaining consumers is the way to get people to pay attention. Games, interactive websitesbasically, making people want to want you.

Brands become content creatorsgotta work for it with savvy new consumers. In-depth discussion of a McDonalds campaign of fairies and dragons. How does this campaign actually work for the company? Not clear but apparently Fuel wins awards for stuff. Buzz on Twitter is that this presentation is really more of an ad than education. Next…