Beyond Gimmicks: Behaviour-Changing Experiences at DMC

A familiar face on this panel: Lisa Charters from Random House is joined by representatives from Canadian Tire, Wildfire Marketing and Torch Partnership to discuss effective experience marketing in ‘fragmented digital age’.

Q: Where do gimmicks fit into a marketing plan?

  • Transparency is more important than gimmicks (Canadian Tire). Respect the time and intelligence of your consumers: relevancy and frequency.
  • Gimmicks only a short term fix…you don’t need gimmicks to add value when you use a customer-centric medium like the web. (Wildfire)
  • Gimmick can be effective to hook attention of consumerall marketing is gimmicky. e.g. Dominos Pizza now has a pizza tracker to track your order in real time (30 minutes or less). (Torch Partnership)
  • Too expensive when you have as many products as Random House…but anything that helps to connect with readers goes beyond gimmick: i.e. PDF downloads of ARC with video clips of how a cover is chosen compared to just voting on three potential covers…

Q: How do you connect with emotional needs of consumers instead of just function?

  • Resonance comes from using the truth. Being savvy means connecting truth with effective distribution method i.e. Dove’s real beauty campaign
  • The Simpsonizer: fits with emotion of The Simpsons movie…fun and entertaining
  • Gimmicks not always marketingsometimes they are PR. Do a campaign that might not connect with readers but satisfies needs of other stakeholders (eg authors)
  • Online panel for RHC helps validate assumptions and determine what gimmicks to use

Q: What doesn’t work?

  • Anything that can backfire e.g. Bridezilla campaign from Herbal Essences. YouTube video that was supposed to be real but wasn’t generated a lot of bad buzz.
  • Corporate blogging/Twitter streams can be dangerous but can show commitment to something even if it doesn’t work at first.
  • Bad idea to jump on a bandwagonnew is innovative but copying someone else’s innovation will not pay off for brand

Q: Can gimmicks change behaviour?

  • If gimmicks don’t increase transparency, then no.
  • Yes, if the customer is glad that you interrupted themor to design marketing that does not interrupt.