Usability, ROI, and Customer Satisfaction—DMC

Tara Doherty from presents 8 simple rules:

  • Think, implement and “service” holistically
    User experience means integrating web with real life. (Please let Rogers and Bell be in this audience)
  • Never get ahead of yourself
    A goal comes before an objective comes before a tactic…
  • Give up on miracles. Bad usability is by designyour design
    What are your customers looking for? Up-to-date, easy to navigate, some hand-holding most important to users. Study on Designer/User disconnects
  • Measure twice, cut once and avoid focus groups of one
    Card sorting and cluster analysis…letting users group content in the ways that make sense to them
  • Start listening because someone is always talking about you
    Unstructured feedback is most valuable: web forums, blogs etc
  • Avoid eOverload with personalized content
    Past preferences inform what they see every time
  • Evolve past web 2.0 band-aids
    Integrate strategically
  • Don’t make people wait for you
    Make forms easier to use and help your consumer find errors quickly and easily