Finding Digital Marketing Talent—Google at DMC

Things to do to hire well (from Charlie Gray at Google):

  • Think first about what you need: measure twice, cut once.
  • Define what you want: luxuries vs. necessities. Hire smart people who can do a lot of different things and don’t worry if they have direct experience.
  • Pipeline: get as many people as possible to apply. Be able to walk away if you need to.
  • Avoid overly familiar: if you want your business to evolve, don’t hire people with the same experience as you. Get people who will argue with you.
  • Have a process: include a lot of people in the approval process.
  • Take time if you have it: patience, patience, patience. Don’t settle
  • Take calculated risks: do the best you can with the info you have.
  • Treat your staff like they are too important to lose