Possibilities of Mobile from Rogers—DMC

Challenges for media: increased fragmentation, decreased mass media reach, simultaneous consumption and other behaviour changes. Prices still high and increased focus on ROI. Hard to capture attention, have message stick efficiently.

Mobile: always with consumers, highly individual, potential to leverage behavioral data, timely information, interactive, superior call to action, great measurability of response, naturally viral, addition to other media.

Tactics: SMS, Mobile Web Display, Ad sponsored content, mobile TV/video, search, voting/contests.

Emerging capabilities: location-based services and electronic wallet with instant coupons (access, ID, transit, memberships, phone as wireless box office and ticket etc)

Case Study 1: Adidas Txt invitations which led to purchasing celebrity voice mail. Conclusions: must engage on ongoing basis in a way that’s relevant.

Case Study 2: Blyk (ad sponsored service for 16-24 year olds). Huge questionnaire to sign up, you receive advertising in exchange for free texting and voice calls. 12-43% click-through on ads.

What’s going on in Canada?

  • Formats being tested everywhere and standards beginning to take shape
  • Asia is farthest ahead, Europe ahead of North America, US ahead of Canada (yes, Rogerswhy is that?)
  • Indicators for adoption: mobile factors, maturity of online ads, strength of ISP businesses. More high-speed at home in Canada which means less need for mobile.
  • Industry operating models yet to be defined.

What is stalling mobile?

  1. Complexity to execute: opaque market that needs custom programs and significant effort
  2. Still small percent of market

What do consumers need to accept this?

  • Valuegetting something back; discounts or other benefits
  • Relevancesensitivity to spam
  • Controlopt in
  • Privacythey decide what is disclosed to marketers

Making mobile standard

  • SMS standardized in Canada
  • Advertising formats
  • Measurementhow should success be measured
  • Inventory and rate cards

Where to start

  • Understand your target consumer and how they use their device
  • Determine benefits that matter to them: engagement, immediacy, interactivity, mobile link to service
  • Invest time to understand as it is high impact