Infographic: Meet the Cookbook Buyer

What sets a Cookbook buyer apart from other book buyers? What is their… secret ingredient, you might say? 

In our last infographic of the year, we extract buying patterns from our In-Depth Reader Profiles to whip up this picture of the Average Cookbuyer Buyer.

Sneak Peek: ebookcraft Guest Bloggers

We were able to officially declare this week that ebookcraft 2015 will have 50/50 gender representation. Hooray! #makeit5050. To celebrate, here’s a sneak peek of our lineup of guest bloggers for the new year, culled from the amazing speakers, moderators, and experts hosting a knowledge smackdown at ebookcraft this March.

Infographic: Meet the Romance Book Buyer

Where does the average Romance book buyer purchase books? How do they discover them? Do they prefer print or e-readers? What turns them on? (Okay, we didn’t ask that last one. But the rest are true.)

In this latest, sultry infographic from our In-Depth Reader Profiles, we take an intimate look at the average Canadian who purchases Romance books.

Coast to Coast: How Book-Buying Habits Differ by Region

Canadian book buyers across the country have a lot in common. We buy more print books than ebooks, we almost always pay full price, and we’re most likely to discover our books online, though we prefer to buy them in-store.

But some interesting discrepancies do arise in our latest consumer study, Coast to Coast: Book-Buyers Across Canada, among book buyers from Western Canada, the Prairies, Central Canada, and the Maritimes.

Infographic: Why Canadians Choose Independent Bookstores

There’s something about indies! Learn about book-buying habits at indie bookstores, including how books are discovered, what formats are most popular, and why buyers choose indies.

Did you know about the Indie Bestsellers List provided by BookNet and the Retail Council of Canada? Learn more here.

New Bestsellers List for Indies

There’s a new bestsellers list in town.

In a joint initiative with the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), we’re excited to announce the launch of the Indie Bestsellers List, which will track the best-selling books sold at independent retailers across Canada. The list will hopefully shine a light on the important role indie booksellers play in the Canadian market.

Registration is Open for Tech Forum and ebookcraft 2015

This week, registration opened for two great conferences in Toronto next March:

  • Our annual Tech Forum event
  • ebookcraft—now in its second year!—plus new optional workshops the day before ebookcraft

Our shiny new website is packed with more information, so go take a look—and save your spot while the early-bird pricing lasts!

I'll Never Be the Same

Our research intern Sarah Lye shares the highs and hurdles of her last few months at BookNet and how they’ve changed her forever. Take it away, Sarah!

This experience I’ve had as the BookNet intern has been wonderful in many ways: geeky, friendly, professional, and full of networking goodness. I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity and want to share with you how some of the things I’ve done and learned are going to change me forever.