Sneak Peek: ebookcraft Guest Bloggers

We were able to officially declare this week that ebookcraft 2015 will have 50/50 gender representation. Hooray! #makeit5050. To celebrate, here’s a sneak peek of our lineup of guest bloggers for the new year, culled from the amazing speakers, moderators, and experts hosting a knowledge smackdown at ebookcraft this March.


Laura Brady @LauraB7

Why she’s awesome: Laura is the principal of Brady Type, a digital + print book production studio. She has worked extensively in the various reflowable and fixed-layout formats, and in supporting trade publishers with backlist conversions.
What she’ll be talking about: Opting out of fixed-layout 

Joshua Tallent @jtallent

Why he’s awesome: Joshua, the Chief eBook Architect at Firebrand Technologies, is a well-known ebook expert and teacher, and is a vocal advocate for beautiful, functional, accessible ebook files.
What he’ll be talking about: The state of ebook production

Colleen Cunningham @BookDesignGirl

Why she’s awesome: Colleen is the Senior Ebook Developer at F+W, A Content + eCommerce Company and an adjunct professor teaching ebook production at Emerson College. 
What she’ll be talking about: Starting and selling semantic tagging

Derrick Schultz @dvsch

Why he’s awesome: Derrick is the Digital Design and Production Manager at Atavist Books and the editor-in-chief of
What he’ll be talking about: What a lonely developer can do to help a book publisher during this time of upheaval. 

Iris Amelia @ePubPupil

Why she’s awesome: Iris works as a liaison between development teams and publishers, where she provides guidance on quality assurance and best practices with regard to ebook production.
What she’ll be talking about: CSS practices for ebook production 

Baldur Bjarnason @fakebuldur

Why he’s awesome: Baldur has made websites and interactive media since the mid-nineties and holds a PhD on interactivity in ebooks. 
What he’ll be talking about: Using JavaScript to solve (and create) problems in ebook production

Mary Alice Elcock @maryalice

Why she’s awesome: Mary joined BitLit as VP Marketing & Publisher Communications in 2013, and prior to that she worked as Sales Coordinator for D&M Publishers and as Key Accounts Manager for SpiceBox Books. 
What she’ll be talking about: Ebook bundling

You can look for these and other great guest bloggers starting in January. In the meantime, the whole list of speakers can be found here.