Hey! I’m Reading Here!

This summer I mentioned to some friends that I was programming BNC Technology Forum 2011. (Yes, I know, I’m probably their most boring friend.) I was mentioning that I felt it was important to include a session on digital marketing, and two of my friends immediately perked up. One works in PR and the other works in online advertising, and both had the same thought: they were salivating at the idea of advertising in books. Their enthusiasm was equally matched by my repulsion.

Audiences Vary and So Should Marketing: A Case Against the Global Marketing Approach

Last week, Evan Schnittman wrote a blog post for Digital Book World called “Enabling a Global Marketing Strategy” in which he argues that we should go back to selling world English rights to one publisher. In his opinion, global publishing plans serve the author and the book better. But although we are increasingly connected to each other digitally, is it right to assume that the culture and tastes of people around the world have homogenized? Are book buyers in the US and Australia the same? I think not.