Let's Get Digital

Want to know how your digital publishing program measures up? Curious about how, why, and how fast Canadian publishers are going digital?

BookNet’s latest research initiative, The State of Digital Publishing in Canada, will set a benchmark to track the progress of digital publishing in Canada. But first, we need you to tell us about your digital program.

No Ads Allowed: The Next Generation of Book Discovery

How are parents and teens finding books? Do they watch book trailers or visit author websites? Discoverability was one of the areas we examined in our new consumer report, Measuring Attitudes and Adoption of Digital Content for Kids and Teens. Read on to discover what we found…

Infographic: Kids & Teens E-Reading Study

Our new study, Measuring Attitudes and Adoption of Digital Content for Kids and Teens, delves into attitudes and behaviour around book buying and reading for the juvenile market. Do teens prefer ebooks to print books? When do kids start getting access to apps? Check out our snazzy infographic for answers to these questions… and more!

Tech Forum 2014: Want to Present? Know Someone Who Should?

We’re busy putting together the program for our eighth annual Technology Forum, which will take place in Toronto on March 5 and 6, 2014. We’ve got lots of great speakers in mind, but we’d also like to hear your proposals and suggestions! Do you have a great presentation about the intersection of books and technology? Or is there someone you’d love to see presenting?