Let's Get Digital

Want to know how your digital publishing program measures up? Curious about how, why, and how fast Canadian publishers are going digital?

BookNet’s latest research initiative, The State of Digital Publishing in Canada, will set a benchmark to track the progress of digital publishing in Canada. But first, we need you to tell us about your digital program. Whether you’ve got a squadron of ebook wizards on staff or you’re still just getting your feet wet, we want to know if you’re producing digital books, how you’re creating and distributing them, and what kind of results you’re seeing from your digital program.

Who should respond?

If you’re publishing books in Canada, we want to hear from you! Anyone with access to the necessary data (see below) is welcome to respond—if that’s not you, please share this post with the appropriate person at your company.

If you’re exclusively a distributor or digital asset manager, it would be great if you could pass this survey along to your clients.

What information will you need?

Ready to do this? Great! The survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete, but if you really want to be efficient, there are a few stats you should have on hand before you get started. We’re looking for stats about Canadian books and revenue, so bear that in mind when you’re digging up these numbers. If you distribute titles for other firms, you should include this data in your responses. 

  • # of active print titles your firm is currently selling. We’re interested in your total for adult and juvenile titles, and also the number just for juvenile titles.
  • # of these active print titles that are available as ebooks. Again, we’re looking for your total number, and then the number just for juvenile titles.
  • # of ebook titles with Canadian sales in the last 12 months.
  • % of your backlist (>6 months past publication date) that’s been converted to ebook format.
  • % of your firm’s overall revenue that’s derived from ebook sales. We’re looking for a percentage for each of the following: Overall, fiction, nonfiction, and juvenile.

Are there prizes?

Have we ever let you down? Of course there are prizes. If you complete the survey you’ll be eligible to win a golden ticket to Tech Forum 2014 (ok, a digital ticket, but digital is the new gold, right?), or a copy of one of our coveted BNC consumer studies (up to a $500 value). Of course, the sweetest reward of all is the data itself, and for that reason everyone who completes the survey will receive a free copy of the final report, The State of Digital Publishing in Canada 2013.

The only catch: You must complete the survey by Thursday, October 31 to be entered in the prize draw. For best results, we recommend that you do not attempt to do this during your office Halloween party.

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