State of Bookselling in Canada 2018

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New to the BookNet Canada roster of research initiatives is our latest and greatest: a survey that aims to capture the recent trends and overall health of the bookselling industry in Canada!

We're looking for book retailers across Canada to answer questions about how big your store is, what it sells, what features and promotions you offer, and what challenges you're facing when it comes to ordering, hiring, and more. You can make sure your voice is heard by submitting your answers

You can get a sense of the information we'll be asking for by reviewing the questions in this PDF. If you need a break, you can close the survey and come back to it later, on the same computer. You may also print out the survey, write in your answers, and send it to the BookNet offices, or you can request that we give you a call to complete the survey by phone. Send any requests or questions to 

This study is intended to provide the industry with an overview and baseline of what is going on in book retailing in Canada; data will only be released in aggregate form, which means your responses will be kept completely anonymous.

So go forth and share your thoughts, opinions, feelings, and anything else that you need to share about the state of bookselling in Canada in 2018.

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