Meet Kira

Hello everyone!

I am here to introduce BookNet's newest Marketing Associate. Drumroll, please... It's me, Kira! I am so jazzed to be covering for Ainsley over the next few months and to be working here at BookNet! I'm a recent graduate of York University's Professional Writing and Book Editing program, and I'm currently enrolled in the publishing certificate program at Ryerson University. Basically, I'm here to provide concrete proof that it is in fact possible to find a real job in the publishing industry after graduating from college.

My dog, Bark Wahlberg

I have been a long-time book lover and book-shelver at Indigo, where I have spent hours continuously straightening bookshelves and pencil pouches in an attempt to beat back entropy. I also worked as an intern at Jill Grinberg Literary Management in Brooklyn, NY, so I have plenty of experience reading emails. 

Other notable things about me:

  • I have a dog named Bark Wahlberg and he is the best dog in the world.
  • My favourite books are Just Kids by Patti Smith, The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman, How to Build a Girl by Caitlyn Moran, and the entire Series of Unfortunate Events. So to summarize, I love children's books and books about cool women doing cool things.
  • If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be potatoes.

I can't wait to see you all at Tech Forum & ebookcraft!