Look who's tweeting: Canadian Book Buyers on Twitter

This is the penultimate instalment in our #AmReading series. If you missed the rest of the posts (YouTubeFacebookSnapchatInstagram) you can see them here.

Twitter started as a microblogging site, evolved into an important platform for breaking news, and now has 335 million monthly active users worldwide. It's a great place to promote your brand, your books, and your authors. There isn't a high barrier to entry, but there are some tips and tricks to using the platform that we can help you with in our report, #AmReading: Canadian Book Buyers on Twitter.

The #AmReading series takes an in-depth look at how Canadian book buyers interact with social media platforms, and each report includes two sections:

  • Using Twitter to Market Books: background information on the platform, including what it is, how publishers and retailers are engaging with it, and tips and tricks

  • Book Buyers on Twitter: a detailed analysis of which book buyers are using this platform, the subjects they are purchasing, and how they are making their purchases

Take a look for yourself in this short sample and then purchase the entire thing at booknetcanada.ca/amreading-book-buyers-on-twitter. If you're a SalesData subscriber, you can find a complimentary copy in the SDA Research Portal.

We've released reports on YouTubeFacebookSnapchat, and Instagram so far and we've got one more instalment left to go in this series: Canadian Book Buyers on Pinterest. Stay tuned to the #AmReading series page or this blog to see when it's published.