PubFight 2017: Wrap up

PubFight 2017 is officially over. The books have been printed, sent to the stores, sold to the customers, and (we hope) read. 

Who came out victorious? Which books from the 2017 PubFight trade catalogue were the top-sellers? We'll tell you, right here.

Maybe you predicted that Dan Brown's Origin would take top place and so you spent all your PubFight money on that title, placing all your eggs in Brown's symbol-adorned basket. Perhaps you went juvenile-all-the-way with Jeff Kinney or Dav Pilkey. Did you count on Guinness to break all the sales records? More likely, you had a brilliant auction strategy that was stymied by your PubFight competitors.

Whatever your strategy, we bet you had some surprise hits and some disappointing, surprise misses.

Here are the top 20 PubFight titles that sold the most units in Canada for the duration of the PubFight game (Aug. 20, 2017 to Jan. 7, 2018). Click the image to make it larger.

And now, the results you're probabably waiting for: the answer to who's taking home the PubFight trophy. The winner of PubFight 2017 is... Richard Nadeau! His publishing house, Donkey in the Fog Editions, won his Figure 1 Publishing league by making the most profit overall across all the trade leagues: $4,425,871.05 to be exact.

Congratulations Richard, you auctioned well and managed your books with skill!

The winners of the remaining leagues are as follows:
2. Andre Bovee-Begun et. al., $3.8 million, Dundurn Press league
3. Brendan May, $2.9 million, Simon & Schuster league
4. Michelle MacAleese, $2.7 million, LifeTree Media & Greystone Books league
5. Carol Gordon, $2.3 million, BookNet Canada league

Congratulations to all the players. We hope you had fun and that you'll play our friendly game next year in an attempt to win it all!