The game where normally collegial coworkers and classmates become bitter enemies.


PubFight is a fantasy publishing game that teaches inventory and P&L management in a fiercely competitive environment using real market data.

Who can play?

We offer two kinds of leagues, and there is no charge for playing.

  1. Our live trade league is for industry professionals with access to SalesData. This league starts up annually in late July and lasts until January.

  2. Educational leagues use archived rather than live data. Course instructors can have a league set up for their students at any time of year, and the time frame can be accelerated to suit class schedules.

How does it work?

Teams form a publishing company and build a frontlist—from a list of real titles—in a fierce auction at the Fakefurt Book Fair. Once their titles are acquired, they make forecasts, order initial print runs, and then follow the sales of their list when the game goes live. The simulation uses actual sales data so the market is accurately reflected. Teams have to monitor stock closely and reprint wisely in order to earn out the advances they paid for their titles. The publishing company with the highest profits wins the league!

Interested in playing?

Sign-ups for the 2019-2020 season are now closed.