Another milestone for BiblioShare: 2.5 million records

It feels like it was just a short time ago that we were celebrating BiblioShare hitting 2 million public records. In fact, it was a short time — we're back a year and a half later to celebrate our new milestone: 2.5 million records (and counting)!

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As of this writing, we have 2,574,373 records in BiblioShare. That's a lot of metadata!

We've also increased our number of images:

  • Total cover images: 1,651,329
  • Total interior images: 113,123
  • Total author images: 3,804

And we've started collecting excerpts, tables of contents, and reading group guides from publishers. To learn more about that initiative, read our blog post. We're off to a good start so far, with the following already collected:

  • Samples for 298 EANS
  • Tables of contents for 18 EANS
  • Reading group guides for 151 EANS

And, just in case you've missed our previous announcements, here are some exciting web services that are new since our last BiblioShare update:

  • Biblio-o-matic Chrome plugin: The best invention since sliced bread? Probably. This plugin for Google Chrome automatically detects ISBNs on any webpage and allows you to quickly bring up bibliographic information about any ISBN, anywhere on the web, with a single click. To see how it works, check out this blog post, complete with screencaps! 
  • Shopify plugin: Our Bookstore Builder plugin sets up your online bookstore with publisher-supplied book metadata from BiblioShare. Just enter a list of ISBNs and sit back as it fills your store with book data and maintains changes and updates seamlessly!

Thanks to all those users who send their metadata to BiblioShare, we're continuing to strengthen our role as the ultimate authority for Canadian bibliographic data.