Quality-assured metadata spread far and wide.

BiblioShare makes it easier to find, market, and sell books in Canada. It's a quality-controlled aggregation system that collects and disseminates bibliographic data using ONIX. By sharing bibliographic data, images, and position files, it serves as the central source for metadata for all books available in the market with unprecedented reach across the industry.

BiblioShare is a Canadian-born and industry-led project designed specifically for the Canadian supply chain. It fully supports the Canadian identifier to give Canadian books the recognition they deserve.

Why BiblioShare?

  • Better files. ONIX files are validated to ensure quality. Data senders can use the reports to improve their data and data users can rest assured they’re pulling useful files.
  • All in one place. BiblioShare collects ONIX records, cover images, and position files for any book available in the Canadian market — with 2.7 million product records and counting! Data creators maintain one set of files and data users only need to go to one authoritative source.
  • Spread far and wide. BiblioShare feeds data across the country and beyond to retailers, publishers, librarians and the media, to websites, blogs, POS and ILS systems across the country. Learn more about accessing data from BiblioShare.
  • It’s free! There are no start-up costs for sending data to BiblioShare, uploading and testing files are free, and all regular data pulls are free, too.
  • To support the online discovery and sale of books. Getting your metadata right and making it available to the supply chain supports those selling or promoting books online. Watch our webinar to learn more about how BiblioShare supports bookselling.

Need help creating ONIX files?

Publishers and distributors can create quality ONIX files with our easy-to-use Webform tool. Records can then be easily exported to BibiloShare with just a few clicks.

Bibliographic data distribution

If you'd like to use BiblioShare data to create an online bookstore, or even just to display book covers and other bibliographic data on your website, visit this page to learn more about our Web Services, which includes plugins for Shopify and WordPress, or submit a request for a custom data pull.

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