Authors for Indies Day wrap up

Authors for Indies (AFI) Day 2017 happened last month — April 29, to be exact. You might remember that we gave you a breakdown of what was happening and helped you get ready to conquer the event

Well now we're back to sum up the day for you. We hope that you went, met some volunteer bookseller-authors and spent some of your hard-earned money at your local indie bookstore. Personally, I went to my local with the intention of only buying one book as a gift for a friend and by the time I left, I had bought a book for the gift, plus two more. What can I say? Andrew Kaufman is an excellent bookseller.

Some facts about Authors for Indies Day 2017

If you want to know how many stores participated, how many authors volunteered their time, and how far the #AFI2017 hashtag spread, look no further than our infographic. We've got all those answers... and more!

To sum up the infographic:

  • 91 bookstores across Canada participated in Authors for Indies Day. 
  • More than 600 authors volunteered their time and their bookselling expertise. 
  • The first-ever Authors for Indies Road Show happened this year: five vehicles took 16 authors to eight stores in the surrounding Toronto area.
  • The #AFI2017 hashtag reached over 1.6 million people on Authors for Indies Day with 500 posts by 250 people.