Who is the Cookbook Buyer?

Can you believe our Deep Dive series has already released its fourth instalment? This time we've whipped up some stats on the Cookbook buyer. We want to help you identify who these buyers are, what their habits are, online and off, and where they're buying their books.

In case you're new to our Deep Dive reports, let us tell you a little bit about the series: We're joining together sales and consumer data to bring you in-depth studies on the biggest genres selling in Canada right now. In addition to sales trends and analysis, each study looks at those particular book buyers and outlines:

  • what non-book-related activities they do in a given month and year;
  • how they make their purchasing decisions – impulse purchasers vs. planners;
  • how often they read a given format; and
  • much more!

We've got all this information for Mystery & Detective book buyersBiography & Autobiography book buyers, and Science Fiction book buyers in our first three studies. Buy any of these as a single purchase for $25, or subscribe to the series for $100 and save big!

And now, find a few highlights from Deep Dive: The Cookbook Buyer in this infographic or you can read a sample of the report for more.