Infographic: State of Digital 2015

Download this infographic in beautiful  .PDF  format here!

Download this infographic in beautiful .PDF format here!

Following up two prior years of studies, in January 2016, BookNet Canada embarked on the third annual State of Digital Publishing in Canada survey, looking at the size, scope, and production processes of the digital publishing market in Canada. 

With reports that the US and UK ebook markets were down in 2015, and much conjecture about whether people were moving back to print due to the increased pricing of ebooks, almost all publishers (87%) are producing ebooks with the explicit goal of increasing sales, fulfilling customer demand, and allowing for greater accessibility. 

Enhanced ebooks are still prevalent as 53% of publishers are either currently, planning to, or investigating the possibility of producing enhanced ebooks. Of those who already produce enhanced ebooks, a huge majority use audio (91%), while others use video (36%), interactive images (18%), scripted animation (18%), and some even use slideshows (9%). 

More publishers than ever before are releasing digital formats at the same time as print (67%), and over 30% of publishers have now digitized over three-quarters of their backlist collection. Now, more than ever before, publishers are demonstrating that they are committed to the development of digital formats in their publishing programs. 

The State of Digital Publishing in Canada 2015 is a free publication available from us at BookNet, your friendly neighbourhood data crunchers, that's packed full of knowledge, insight, and analysis of the current digital publishing landscape in Canada. Head here to find out how you can download your free PDF copy of the report.