Let's get ready to party!

If you're coming out to Tech Forum and ebookcraft, make sure you plug the after-parties into your calendar because they aren't to be missed!

After spending the day learning and making connections at ebookcraft on March 31, assemble a mighty trivia team of power out of your closest friends, or new acquaintances soon to earn the title, and compete in the nerdiest pub quiz Toronto has ever seen. Grab a drink and kick some ass by showing off your knowledge of all things geeky, including pop culture, the year's biggest books, and digital publishing. No team? No problem. Teams will be assembled prior to the start of the quiz. Hosted by Evan Munday, the ebookcraft after-party and pub quiz promises fun, prizes, and a chance to yell smack talk at colleagues you met earlier that day. RSVP on Facebook for details and see who else is coming!

Once you've recovered from a night of intense trivia quizzing, gear up for a day of insight and inspiration at Tech Forum on April 1, followed by drinks at Pogue Mahone Irish Pub—just a short walk away on college! We'll be in the rear tossin' back pints and talking about how the industry is changing as fast as our sobriety levels. Light snacks will be provided. Get all the details and join the party here. It's going to be wild! Or, at least as wild as publishing nerds can get after three days of jam-packed learning awesomeness!



If you're experiencing FOMO because you haven't reserved your place at Tech Forum and ebookcraft yet, fear not, there is still time to register! There are so many different sessions and speakers that there's something there for everyone.