Meet your SYTYCC judges!

If you haven't heard the buzz about So You Think You Can Code, ebookcraft's inaugural design competition, then you are missing out! SYTYCC is the opportunity for all you designers out there to put your e-production skills to the test and turn a mess of an EPUB file into a beautifully designed, platform-agnostic, fully accessible ebook. 

Let's meet the experts who will be judging your e-production prowess and doling out our fabulous prizes:

India Amos has been an e-book developer, managing editor, art director, book designer, compositor, copy editor, proofreader, webmaster, arts administrator, and bookseller—though probably not all at the same time. She lives in New York City. Twitter: @indiamos

Joshua Tallent, the Director of Outreach and Education at Firebrand Technologies, is dedicated to helping publishers around the world create better books. In addition to heading up training and outreach efforts within Firebrand, Joshua serves on multiple industry committees and working groups and teaches at publishing conferences year-round. He also leads the development of FlightDeck, the most robust EPUB quality assurance tool available. Twitter: @jtallent

Monique Mongeon started coding in middle school, making fansites for her favourite books and wondering if this code-and-books thing was a "thing you could do." Now she makes ebooks of her favourite books as a Production Coordinator at Penguin Random House Canada, where she’s responsible for ebooks of all stripes. She's passionate about crafting fantastic reader experiences with ebooks and is an avid reader of poetry, cookbooks, and mysteries. If someone knows a book that is all three of those at once, please let her know.  Twitter: @MoAtMost

You can sign up for SYTYCC as an individual or a team of two when you register for ebookcraft. For more information, visit the official site and prepare yourself for an e-production battle royale for the ages!