A new CataList

After months and months of behind-the-scenes coding, testing, and debugging comes a new slicker, sleeker, and more responsive version of the site you love.

We've highlighted some of the changes in this pretty welcome video:

What else is new? And how do the changes benefit you? We're glad you asked.

  • Redesigned home page: A customizable home page will show you what you want to see right from the start. A full alphabetical list of publishers will let you scan and search more easily. If you're a publisher, you'll always see your own company first in the publisher list. And the new Recently Viewed list will let you pick up where you left off or revisit favourite catalogues.
  • Catalogues: No extra clicks required to get to your favourite grid or scroll view. Just set your preferred catalogue view; you can change your preference at any time. No time to put together a catalogue cover image? CataList will now display the cover image from the first book in the catalogue if you choose not to load a custom image. Finally, export catalogues from any catalogue view! You no longer need to go to the grid view page before you download.
  • Updated Title Detail Pages: See more visible interior images, notes content, and more complete details on comparable titles. We've also added new support for Key Selling Points. Scroll less, but see more!
  • Responsive design: The page content reflows to make the best use of available screen space. Viewing CataList on a tablet? CataList adds a footer with quick links to My Page, My Orders, and the help manual.

Take a look around the new site today and see the new features for yourself.

Stay tuned

We'll have more information on training webinars and resources on using the new system soon.

Feel free to email catalist@booknetcanada.ca with any questions about the new system. Or, learn more about BNC CataList and how to sign up here.