Infographic: Introducing the Canadian book buyer

Image not displaying correctly?  View it here .

Image not displaying correctly? View it here.

BookNet intern extraordinaire Jamie Ferrin whipped up this beautiful infographic with data from our new, free consumer study The Canadian Book Buyer 2015. The study gives an overview of consumer habits across channels, formats, and subject matter, including some very unexpected results about how adult book-buyers identify and interact with juvenile fiction. Here are some interesting takeaways:

  • Since 2013, online book purchases of any format have jumped 16%.
  • On average, ebook buyers purchase one more book a month than their print-loving counterparts, despite print still being the more popular format overall.
  • Paperbacks remain the most purchased format, but audiobooks did see a slight increase in sales since 2013.

To get a deeper understanding of today's Canadian book buyer, you can read the entire study for free