Go Jays Go!

Our very own view from the 500 section!

Our very own view from the 500 section!

There is something about the Toronto publishing community and baseball. We've seen your tweets from the games, so we know that we aren't the only ones with a case of the Blue Flu right now. It’s an exciting time for Blue Jays fans. After 22 years, they've finally made into the post-season and have become a legitimate playoff threat. After their second straight win in Texas, the boys in blue are headed back to Toronto on Wednesday, and we're sending all the good juju in their direction the only way we know how: with research. 

In celebration of the Major League Baseball post-season (and inspired by the American Booksellers Association's Indie Baseball Bestseller List), we've created a list of non-fiction baseball books that were top-sellers in Canada over the past four-week period, as well as a curated reading list of the BNC staff's favourite fictional baseball reads.

Top 10 Non-Fiction Baseball Books

BNC Staff's Best of Baseball Fiction Picks