Welcome to the Digital Cafe: May I Take Your Order?

The dialogue below was overheard at a BNC digital catalogue cafe over the holidays. The patron was getting ready to order some tasty offerings from BNC CataList and was curious about the new feature available. We’ve added a new option for the PDF version of the digital catalogue. Now, for retailers who want a print version of catalogues but don’t need all the detail available to them, they can print using the 5-per-page option.

Waiter: Welcome, sir. Have a seat. Let me tell you about our special. We have a new option this month on our menu: 1-title- or 5-per-page PDF exports. Which would you like to order, sir?


Customer: Oh dear, I’m not quite sure. What’s the difference?

Waiter: Well, for a full and hearty experience, filled with rich descriptive text about the book, the author, reviews, and also available—a truly sumptuous affair—then I would choose 1-per-page.

However, if you’re in a hurry and only want to sample everything, then by all means go for the 5-per-page. Each sample is a tasty appetizer that includes an image, the ISBN, the pub date, category and a little snippet of the rich descriptive text from the 1-title-per-page serving. Don’t worry, if you’re still hungry for more after the snippet, you can always click the image or the ‘Read more’ link to have the full robust sensory experience!


Customer: I see you have a PDF option on both the lovely thumbnail dessert view as well as this handy eat at the bar grid view—are both options available on the grid view as well?

Waiter: By all means.

Customer: And what can you tell me about this PDF option here on the Title Detail Page?

Waiter: Well, sir, that hasn’t changed—it will simply print just that one title. Think of it as taking one dish out of the full catalogue buffet and ordering it as an entrée.

This is just one more way that e-catalogues rock! Imagine, you can take your print catalogues and customize views for each retailer at the click of a button! The summary view should allow retailers to quickly fly through the lists, which can be crucial during sales calls, while still having the choice to click through to the full Title Detail Page in CataList if they desire.

This feature didn’t come out of the blue. Retailers asked for it and they got it. We do aim to please here, at the digital catalogue cafe. And don’t worry about ordering off the menu, we love suggestions and are always updating the menu. Enjoy!