The Retailer Benefits of CataList

There is no question that moving to online catalogues will benefit everyone. The benefits for publishers and wholesalers may be more obvious, but booksellers will also have new capabilities in CataList that weren’t possible before. These are probably worth a closer look.

You no longer have to store endless amounts of paper catalogues in your backroom, under the cash register, or wherever that pile currently resides. The catalogues will all be published online, in one (virtual) place.

It’s suddenly a lot easier to find the title you’re looking for. CataList allows you to search across all catalogues for the book you’re looking for. You don’t have to flip through each printed catalogue or go on an endless web search. You can search in CataList by keyword or drill-down using the “Refine Your Search” option.

You are also able to communicate with your sales rep on the Title Detail page, check out embedded video and images, and build orders in CataList and export them. Not bad, huh?

But a little-known feature is that retailers (and libraries, too!) can create their own catalogues. Why, you ask? Because it’s a simple way to showcase the books you’ve ordered to the rest of the staff. You can upload the ISBNs of the ordered books and create a central document your staff can use to become more familiar with upcoming books. It’s a useful resource and makes it easier to keep your team informed. So CataList not only improves the cataloguing and ordering system, but it improves in-store communication as well.

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