New CataList Feature: Creating Specialized Catalogues

It’s here! Our first major feature release for BNC CataList.

What’s included in the new release? You can check out all the details on our What’s New in BNC CataList? page, but the big change is a new Specialized Catalogue feature.

Publishers told us they really loved the ability to create custom catalogues with their titles, but they wanted to be able to share them with a wider audience and make them more readily accessible. Before, custom catalogues could only be sent privately to individual accounts. But you now have the ability to post custom catalogues publicly with the release of our Specialized Catalogues feature.

Essentially you can now create custom catalogues that anyone can view without logging in. What exactly does that mean for you? Well that depends on how you use catalogues in your day-to-day industry existencesome ideas:

Publishers: Build e-book catalogues, catalogues by subject, combine frontlist and backlist in holiday-themed catalogues or post catalogues that promote your special offers.

Sales Agents:
Forward publisher-created specialized catalogues to your accounts, or create cross-publisher catalogues yourself, by subject or theme, and target catalogues to niche accounts.

Retailers and Libraries: Access specialized catalogues without having to log into the CataList system, and log in at any time to use CataList’s ordering functions.

We know you’re a creative bunchwhat other applications are there for specialized catalogues? Share your ideas in the comments.