Track Your Success

Publicists and marketing associates, would you like to take credit for a job well done? Of course, you do. But how? It can be a challenge to measure your work’s impact on sales when all you have to go on is reorders or lack of returns. Stock returns and reorders are ineffective indicators of results because they can be slow to come in.

A better place to start is BNC SalesData. Log on after a marketing and publicity campaign and look for a sales spike. With weekly data, SalesData allows you to see when books sold with useful accuracy. In other words, it’s the most effective way to tell if your efforts are paying off.

Use those numbers to prove how effective your campaign was. Looking things up in SalesData will also help you identify which campaigns didn’t have an impact so that you can refine your approach. If an expensive touring strategy or advertising campaign isn’t tipping the scales, you’ll be able to see it, learn from it and spend that money more wisely.

SalesData is not just for the sales team. If you’re a publicist or marketing associate and you’re not logging in regularly to track results, you aren’t doing your job to its fullest. Using it regularly will help you improve your strategy and gain recognition for a job well done.